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Cloud-based technology for Accreditation & Guest Management

You want to manage all person al data of guest, accredited and other groups of peolpe involved in your event centrally? And you would like to have all required infrastructure delivered by one supplier and on demand? You have made the right choice visiting our site....


If you want your event to be over the top, everything has to be perfect - personalised invitation and welcome, easy and secure access, proactive communication and interaction between guest and host. We provide those systems that will help you focusing on making your event a success, keeping guests happy and raising efficiency for your team.

Our approach is adapting our technology to your individual needs, and not the other way round. Therefore we combine hard- and software solutions that have been developed for business critical applications - on a highly professional level, flexible and still affordable for any event.


For more information or if you want to talk to us personally, do not hesitate and get in touch with uns now!

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Current & recent projects

Sports Events
Accreditation enhances event security to a new level. ATP and WTA tennis events in Stuttgart / Germany (Mercedes Cup), Kitzbühel / Austria (Generali Open) and Mallorca / Spain count on us for years now. And with the IFSC Climbin World Championships hosted by Innsbruck / Austria another global competition will happen later this year.

At the Woodstock of Brass Music, hundreds of musicians and staff will entertain more than 100'000 visitors enjoying Love, Peace & Brass Music. Some of them are already member of Woodclub, the fan platform which we have developed for the organiser, making festival spirit accessible 365 days a year.

For the second time, world-renowned St. Gallen Symposium, hosted by the leading Swiss Management University, trusted into our Guest Management solution.

At the 25th edition of the world's biggest charity event raising awareness and collecting funds for aid programs fighting AIDS we have been selected the first time for providing Accreditation & Guest Management services.

Our Partners

We combine our own software with proven 3rd party systems of industry leading companies - based on that we are building your individual event management solutions.

Read more about our partners here.