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Guest experience starts at reception

That's why our solutions for electronic access control are extremely user-friendly for staff, unobtrusive for the guest, but at the same time fast and efficient, which benefits both sides.

Increasing security needs make it important to handle the check of access authorisations and track personal data - both not easy to deal with, depening on the person group sometimes very challengig.

Make use of pre-registrations of guests electronically! Save money AND improve communication with guests by enabling 'paperless' registration and sending tickets via mobile or e-mail before arrival.

And for the case that you want to offer a premium-quality, memorable type of ticket - we can give you advise on designing ticket media which are a real 'eye catcher', are suitable to be used with modern access control systems AND conform with highest security needs.

Depending on how you want to handle access to your event - automated or manned with attendants - we can offer different types of hardware which are easy to use for staff AND visitors.

You as organiser have a permanent online overview on who is already 'in' - even from your mobile phone. Because the reports that will tell you who has already arrived, where, and how long your guests are staying can be retrieved even from a smartphone.