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Accreditation World Class - for all types of events

Accredited visitors are other than 'normal' guests - they do have a certain 'role' at your event and therefore it would be too simple just issung a 'free ticket' for them.

Media representatives, security and catering staff, officials, participants (athletes, artists, speakers,....) need to be managed within a solution that fits the individual needs of your event, depending on the workflows that are unique for any organisation. That's what we can manage with our software (and it is just a flavour of what we can do....)

  • Applications can be made online, on a public site or password protected with a personal URL, where you can invite pre-defined groups of persons
  • Last-minute applications can be handled on site with a minimum of infrastructure.
  • Creation and issuance of credential can be fully automated and combined with information that is relevant for the accredited persons. Why not send a barcode to the applicant as soon as the accreditation ia approved? It will allow access to the parking lot or to the area where credentials can be picked up.
  • Batch printing and physical despatch befor the event eases operational workload on site.