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Person-centred guest management and accreditation - simplify your routine processes and make them DSGVO-compliant

You want to manage the data of all guests, employees and other persons at your event centrally and DSGVO-compliant? Sending invitations, managing resources and badges for all registered persons? You want to get the necessary technical infrastructure from one source and "on demand" and are tired of Excel lists?

Then you have come to the right place......

Events are not only sources of income for operators and organisers, but also an important marketing instrument. The point is to register your visitors - whether paying, as guests or as employees - without gaps, to get to know them better and to communicate with them before, during and after the event. The collected data is therefore an important component of the intangible infrastructure around your event. They are also the basis for the continuous improvement, optimization and further development of your offerings.
eventDATA-services offers you all services around the handling of an event, as well as the complete technical infrastructure necessary for it from one source and tailored to your needs! In order to offer you the best solution for your individual application, we combine hardware and software that has been developed for such critical applications - professionally, flexibly and nevertheless suitable for every budget.
We provide the systems that help you to concentrate on the essentials - your guest.
Do you already know of electronic systems that make this possible? However, these solutions are often only responsible for a certain part - e.g. registration, access control or guest registration - and often cannot be adapted exactly to your needs. We support you from small one-day events to large events as a "one-stop shop". This means that we provide you with a portfolio of services ranging from software and hardware to e-commerce and on-site support.
Our system enables the implementation of your event through a high degree of automation and a rapid implementation of your requirements adapted to you and fully DSGVO compliant. Thus you simplify your routine processes along the entire process and record, manage and control all data securely and clearly.
We provide you with our concentrated competence in ticketing, accreditation, guest management, secure access control and mobile services and our proven, service-oriented approach.